Twins’ 21st party, one everyone will remember! | Booth Xperia

Twins’ 21st party, one everyone will remember!


Booth Xperia last weekend had one of the main responsibilities for Ryan & Simons 21st birthday, this was to make sure guests will always remember their special birthday.

Ryan & Simon took full advantage of our exceptional special offer with requesting our Las Vegas booth with unlimited photos. The twins birthday party was held at the spacious West Bromwich Conference suite which is not too far from West Bromwich football stadium. The booth was a great success throughout the whole night with their guest book brimming of photo’s.

Booth Xperia were capable of making sure the photos fit the occasion with a custom designed template on the print outs. The twins definitely made certain that guests were not short of entertainment with the hiring of: a rodeo bull & bouncy castle.

Our attendant at the end of the night presented both the guest book and USB with the digital copies to a friend of the twins ensuring the none forgettable moments of the party was not lost.

We would like to wish both Ryan & Simon an happy 21st and a thank you for letting us be a part of their birthday.

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